Environmental Services

At OES, we stay up to date on the latest Petroleum Bulk Storage (PBS) Regulations. In an effort to ensure that facility owners remain compliant, we provide the following PBS Compliance Management services:

  • Site auditing (ensuring regulatory compliance)

  • State-of-the-art monitoring

  • Tank tightness testing

  • Leaking tank remediation

  • Tank cleaning

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Optima Environmental Services is a NYS-permitted transporter of non-hazardous wastes. We additionally have secured exclusive access to our region's most convenient disposal facility, a fact that gives us the ability to transport and dispose of waste materials without a middleman. We can therefore pass on savings to the consumer while speeding up the waste removal process.

Our full-service team can handle the following waste types in bulk quantities or drums:  contaminated soils, petroleum wastes, waste water, non-hazardous waste and hazardous waste. Additionally, we are experienced in the following services:

  • Phase I & II Site Assessments

  • Hydrogeological Investigation

  • Aquifer Testing

  • Geoprobe Investigations

  • Groundwater Compliance And Remediation

  • Soil Remediation Design

We can also help with your site remediation by monitoring well installation, providing bio-remediation and thermal soil treatment, and evaluating soil and indoor air quality.

Trusted Compliance Services