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Worker Carrying Asbestos Board

Lead Paint & Asbestos Surveys

Lead Paint Investigations 

Lead paint contains highly toxic compounds responsible for various health risks. Optima Environmental Services provides the highest quality of lead paint inspections and testing. Our investigations are conducted using X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) spectrum analysis, topsoil, and fragmented paint sampling. At Optima we use minimally invasive methods of investigation to avoid unnecessary damage to your original paint.  


Available Lead-Based Paint Services:  

  • Lead Analysis Utilizing Handheld Nitro XRF Analyzer 

  • Hazard Control Plan Development 

  • Lead Inspections 

  • Lead Risk Assessments 

  • Lead Abatement Monitoring 

  • Lead Clearance Testing 

  • Collection and Laboratory Analysis of Drinking Water 

  • Field Sampling for Lead in Paint, Soil, Water, Air, Steel, and Dust 

  • Lead Toxicity Risk Assessments 

  • Lead Remediation Design and Project Management 

  • Observations and Testing During Abatement 

  • OSHA Compliance 


Asbestos Investigations 

Optima’s asbestos analysts are equipped to consult on, test, and engineer monitoring systems for substances containing asbestos.  


Asbestos Building Surveys 

Our standard asbestos surveys satisfy all EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and OSHA requirements. The software can update, alter, and sustain facility information including floor plans, photographs, training data, and remote property management of multiple buildings. 


Asbestos Abatement Planning 

Our EPA-certified project developers build asbestos abatement plans and specification to complete commercial abatement. We manage abatement contracts from start to finish.  

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