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Below the surface, a hidden threat lurks.

While your underground storage tank (“UST”) helps keep your building warm, it can wreck havoc under the surface. Little by little, day-by-day, both the product inside and natural elements outside are slowly, yet relentlessly eroding your tank.

Fact of the matter is: all underground storage tanks will leak.

At Optima Environmental Services, we have seen more than our fair share of compromised underground storage tanks. Both property buyers and sellers have enlisted our help in fixing these neglected UST’s. All too often, we are called in to remove oil from the soil due to leaks and other issues.

Sellers seem to ignore the existence of a UST until an interested buyer surfaces. However, delaying action on a UST is counterproductive. Its presence can often complicate real estate transactions. Even a positive tank testing result may not meet a lender’s requirements, as the risk of a future leak is too great. Many lenders face this liability in today’s market.

Tank testing is now as commonplace as termite inspections or lead paint tests. Despite the pervasiveness of tank testing, the practice only provides a snapshot report. Just because a UST is safe today, does not ensure safety tomorrow or into the future. Natural underground erosion is inevitable, and a flaw can reveal itself at any time. It benefits both the buyer and the seller to remove USTs before they leak. This practice helps maintain environmental health as well.

Over the past few years, insurance companies have eliminated coverage for petroleum leaks. Cleanup costs from faulty tanks often cause undue financial hardship. Sales have collapsed due to buyers’ hesitance to assume unknown financial responsibility to remediate.

Optima Environmental is uniquely qualified to test UST’s and replace them with aboveground tanks inside or outside the home.

Protect yourself; it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Removing and replacing an existing UST with an aboveground tank eases the mind. It frees the homeowner from unwanted financial and environmental liability lying in wait below the surface.

Every homeowner with an Undergound Storage Tank should contact Optima Environmental Services at (845) 561-1512 to schedule a complimentary consultation, before you discover oil in your soil.

Tank Removal
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