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Under the Car

Lift Service & Inspections

Automotive Lift Experts

Our technicians combine their decades of experience to bring quality repair and inspection solutions to automotive dealers, repair shops, and garages across New York State.


We're trained to manage all legacy lift systems and ensure annual compliance allowing your business to run smoothly and safely every day of the year. Call on Optima to repair your:

  • Two Post Lifts

  • Four Post Lifts

  • Cable Lifts

  • Challenger Lifts

  • Rotary Lift 

Not sure why your lift is malfunctioning? We'll send a technician out to diagnose and resolve the issue. From cables and adaptors to hoses and power units, we source the industry-leading mechanisms and equipment to get your operation back on track. 

Annual Inspections 

Don't let a missed lift inspection increase your insurance rates. Many insurers require regular inspections of a lift's functionality; contact your agent and ask how a failed inspection could affect your monthly premium. 

Call us today to schedule your annual lift inspections. Not only will you protect your currents rates, but can be assured that your employees are operating in a safe working environment.

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