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Env. Real Estate Inspections

Whether you're buying or selling, an environmental real estate inspection works to your benefit. Failing to perform an inspection prior to a final transaction can lead to a major headache for all involved parties. Find out below how Optima Environmental Services can benefit you. 

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What is it?

The Environmental Real Estate Inspection is a single day service that identifies potential environmental ailments found on a property.


The Department of Environmental Conservation enforces strict guidelines relating to storage tank, soil, and water conditions.


How Does It Work?

Using tools like Ground Penetrating Radar, and Photoionization Detectors, coupled with visual inspections, our team will provide

  • Underground Storage Tank Identification

  • Visual Inspections of Aboveground Storage Tank

  • Field screening of soil for volatile organic compounds (VOC's)

  • Identify Stressed vegetation for indications of contamination

  • Environmental Opinion Assessment



In just a few hours you will have meaningful environmental insight to help shape your course of action.

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What will change for buyers?

Issues revealed during an inspection give you or your client more options.


Some buyers request that the seller resolve these issues prior to completing a transaction. Other's use the insight to negotiate a cheaper price, and some will eliminate the property from their search entirely.


What Will Change for Sellers?

Don't lock into a home-sale contract if your property is environmentally compromised. An inspection gives sellers options before their property is taken off the market.


A seller may choose to correct the issue, readjust their homes value, or simply disclose this information to a homebuyer to avoid delays or cancellations of a sale.

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