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Construction Worker

Join Our Team

Ready to join a fast growing company and take your career to the next level? Optima Environmental Services is always happy to welcome new team members. Whether you just began your professional journey, or are ready for new challenges, all are welcomed to apply. 

Available Positions

Project Manager

A qualified candidate supervises operations staff, evaluates staff job performance, coordinates, and prioritizes schedules and assignments. The candidate provides environmental expertise and support for job design, construction, and improvements.  


  • Assist in the preparation of work plans and final reports.

  • Work closely with Garage Manager to ensure all the necessary equipment and tools are prepared for a project.

  • Work closely with sales team to ensure estimates and invoices reflect a project's full scope of work.

  • Scheduling of projects, equipment, and vehicle usage daily.

  • Regularly monitor the status of potential, active, and completed projects.

Service Technician

A qualified candidate can install, service, and maintain legacy petroleum equipment and is able to communicate their findings to staff members and clientele.  


  • Play a pivotal role in the installation, removal, repair, and maintenance of oil tanks and their accompanying equipment. 

  • Maintenace and repair of petroleum delivery systems including but not limited nozzles, hoses, and meters. 

  • Assist the sales, operational and environmental team in identifying the correct tools and equipment a project requires.  

  • Diagnose and test the integrity of petroleum systems and their equipment 

  • General labor including loading/unloading equipment and debris, operational assistance, and site clean up 

Eq. Operator/Laborer

An ideal candidate will have relevant experience in the environmental industry and operating heavy machinery. General labor includes assisting in the removal or installation of petroleum storage tanks and other construction related tasks.  


  • Operates construction, excavating, and hauling equipment including an excavator, skid-steer, bucket loader, and other equipment.  

  • Help prepare sites for storage tank installation/removals, demolition, and excavation, including the unloading and loading of various construction materials.  

  • Operate smaller equipment including shovels, demolition saws, jackhammers, among others. 

  • Assist in the maintenance and clean-up of a site during and upon the completion of a project 

Fleet & Heavy Eq. Mechanic

A qualified candidate has extensive experience in vehicle and heavy machinery maintenance, repair, and routine servicing.  


  • Regularly inspect vehicles and machinery for lawful compliance and proper functionality. 

  • When necessary, identify and diagnose current and future problems as it pertains to vehicle and equipment performance. 

  • Work independently and with garage manager to acquire relevant parts, equipment, and tools.  

  • Handle any necessary service and repair ranging from oil changes to transmission repair. 

  • Assist in the repair/maintenance of garage vehicle equipment including lifts, air compressors, and other relevant equipment.  


All Optima employees earn highly competitive wages and are entitled to a generous PTO package, medical insurance, and a 401(k).

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