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Yank That Tank

Before there's Oil in Your Soil.

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Oil Tank Services

  • Tank Closure Report

  • Tank Tightness Test

  • Interstitial Test

  • Cathodic Protection Test

  • Shear Valve Test

  • Line Testing

  • Leak Detector Test

  • Functionality Testing

  • Hydrostatic Testing

  • Stage 1 Test

Underground oil tanks were the popular choice for many homes built previous to 1970. Today, we see a dramatic decrease in the presence of these home-heating systems. This is the result of corrosive metals used in constructing UST's which inevitably will release petroleum waste into the ground. Whether you need residential or commercial tank services you can rely on the experienced staff at Optima. 

If you are a residential client that would benefit from a payment plan visit here. For a limited time, we are offering price matching on all residential oil tank services. 

Oil Tank Removal 

Need an underground or aboveground storage tank removed from your property? Leave it to the experts at Optima. Our gold star staff routinely perform removals of residential and commercial oil tanks. UST removals starting at $2799.99.

Oil Tank Abandonment

When transitioning to new energy source, it is best practice to decommission old storage tanks. Abandonment does not require tank removal; After safely cleaning and disposing of residual used oil, all piping will be disconnected from the old underground storage tank, and the soil below will be tested for contaminants. 

Oil Tank Replacement & Installation

Whether you're in the process of purchasing or selling a home, or simply need to install a new oil tank system, Optima has you covered. Our team is trained to install underground and aboveground tanks of any capacity.

Fuel Management Equipment & Repair

At Optima we service what we sell. We offer servicing and repair of the industries leading fuel management equipment including gauges, overfill alarms, interstitial monitoring systems, and more. 

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