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Fog and Nature

Environmental Site Assessments (ESA)

Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment

An ESA should be performed on any property included in a real estate transaction. The purpose of this assessment is to evaluate the past and current uses of a parcel in an attempt to identify potential containments that may negatively impact the soil, groundwater, or human well-being. 

Complications that are revealed during a Phase 1 ESA can create liability to both loaners and owners, while simultaneously decreasing a property's evaluation. At the conclusion of an assessment Optima's analysts will determine if containments are suspected on the property, and if necessary, present recommendations to rectify the issue(s). 

Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessment

During a Phase 2 ESA a property will be systematically tested for petroleum products and hazardous contaminants that may reside below the subsurface. An analyst will create a scope of work which identifies potential problem areas, methods of drilling, and methods of sampling. 

The investigative findings of this assessment will provide clients with an understanding of regulatory and geologic environments, as well as delineate the sample results of a property to ensure purchasers have a complete understanding of the assets risks.

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