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Lead Paint Analysis

Lead Paint Investigations 

Before 1978, lead-based paint was commonly used throughout homes and businesses. Today, you may still find harmful levels of lead hidden under fresh layers of paint. Exposure to lead poses significant health risks and must be dealt with diligently. The USEPA provides regulations for testing, repairing, and remediating impacted building components to protect public health. 

Optima Environmental Services maintains a team of professionally trained EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) certified risk assessors and inspectors. Using proven testing and evaluation methods, we identify, maintain, and eliminate the presence of lead-based paint in your building.  

We conduct our investigations using X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) technology, a non-invasive tool that does not damage the testing surface. XRF provides us with real-time data, allowing a fast turnaround time for results.  

In addition to investigations, we develop maintenance and abatement protocols in compliance with New York State and Federal EPA regulations for homes and businesses.  

Available Lead-Based Paint Services:  

  • Lead Analysis Utilizing Handheld XRF Analyzer 

  • Hazard Control Plan Development 

  • Lead Inspections 

  • Lead Risk Assessments 

  • Lead Abatement Monitoring 

  • Lead Clearance Testing 

  • Collection and Laboratory Analysis of Drinking Water 

  • Field Sampling for Lead in Paint, Soil, Water, Air, Steel, and Dust 

  • Lead Toxicity Risk Assessments 

  • Lead Remediation Design and Project Management 

  • Observations and Testing During Abatement 

  • OSHA Compliance 


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