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Handling oil spill cleanup in residential and commercial settings

Most people aren’t aware of the severity of an oil spill until it affects your home or business. Spills, whether engine oil, heating oil, or other materials, can make a huge mess, even seeping through cracks in the floor and causing an environmental hazard in the soil or groundwater below.

For homeowners: Around 5 million homeowners a year used heating oil in the winter of 2019-2020, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. A significant portion of those users are here in New York. But what if your home’s oil tank leaks? Maybe it seems like it might’ve just affected the surrounding area, or the spill is minor, but this is likely not a spill you can clean up yourself. Only an experienced environmental clean-up professional can properly assess damage and eradicate all the contaminants from the area around your tank.

Of course, we strongly suggest you remove your oil tank before the possibility of a leakage: read why by clicking here. However, sometimes homeowners miss this crucial information when buying a home. If an unexpected spill occurs or you find evidence of a leak, you need to call Optima’s emergency spill response team at 845-561-1512 as soon as you notice.

For business owners: There are many types of businesses that use oil tanks, from gas stations to apartment complexes to schools. Even with regular maintenance, accidents can happen. For example, when a consumer drives off with the gas nozzle still in their tank, or a weather emergency like flooding. Optima offers tank testing and cleaning, compliance inspection, and more. The most reliable utility companies in the area contract our services because we handle a wide array of spills and operate a 24/7 emergency spill response team focused on quality and diligent remediation.

Regardless of your residential or commercial needs, Optima is also experienced in taking care of the many reporting and notification requirements issued by local, state, and federal governments. You can read some commonly asked questions about spill remediation by clicking here. The team can handle the closure report for any municipality involved, including the Department of Environmental Conservation.

Optima is the fastest 24/7 spill response service in the Newburgh area. We are, first and foremost, an environmental company with a focus on a greener future. Our environmental technician handles analysis and takes samples and readings, while the rest of our team quickly gets to work cleaning up the spill. An environmental project manager oversees the cleanup and ensures the details are taken care of. For residential or business inquiries, call us at 845-561-1512.

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