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Signing Contract

Terms and Conditions


1. The above Price will be valid for 10 days from the date of this quotation. 

2. Sales tax is not included in the Price.  When applicable, Sales Tax will be included on final invoice.

3. All invoices are due Net 10 days from date of invoice. 

4. Lawn restoration is not included in the proposal cost. 

5. Optima will not be responsible for any damage to driveways, walkways, decking, footings, fencing, or landscaping during the removal of underground fuel oil tanks. 

6. Optima will be responsible solely for underground utilities marked out by “Dig-Safe”.  

7. It is the property owner’s responsibility to have all privately-owned utility lines marked out by the private utility company. Any damage to privately-owned utility lines not Marked out by the utility company shall be the sole responsibility of the owner of property. 

8. A deposit of 50% of the final cost is required to commence a project. 

If any unknown, unforeseen, underground obstructions or petroleum contamination is encountered, the repairs or remediation will be invoiced at the Time and Material Rates listed below: 


  1. Vacuum truck services: $150.00/Hour 

  2. Liquid waste disposal: $1.29/Gallon 

  3. Excavating, loading, and backfilling for contamination $450.00/Hour  

  4. Equipment & 2 man crew (over 8 hours 1st day)  

  5. Additional Trucking and Driver $150.00/Hour 

  6. 55-gallon drum disposal: $270.00/Drum 

  7. (Drum, Drum Liner and Disposal) 

  8. Excavating, loading, and backfilling for contamination (after 1st Day): $2,400.00/ Day 

  9. Equipment & 2 man crew (over 8 hours) $450.00/Hour 

  10. Transportation for disposal: $800.00/Trip 

  11. Contaminated soil disposal: $94.00/Ton 

  12. Backfill for contamination: $65.00/Ton  

  13. Roll-off liners: $60.00/Each 

  14. Environmental Tech: $150.00/Hour 

  15. (Sample & Analysis preparation, Reporting, Profiling of soil and liquid waste streams) 

  16. Laboratory Fee – Testing $130.00 

  17. Manifest for samples: $25.00/Each 

  18. Samples & analysis: $195.00/Sample  

  19. Closure report: $450.00 

Additional Costs

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