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Wayne Fueling System Plays Big Part in Hurricane Harvey Relief

At Optima, we strive to truly treat our neighbors and clients like family. Protecting and serving our community in the Hudson Valley is our number one goal.

That's why seeing Wayne Fueling Systems, one of the commercial pump manufacturers that we choose to utilize in many of our commercial jobs, take on these same community values we stand by means so much to us.

Check out the article from below:


Wayne Fueling Systems Launches Hurricane Harvey Recovery Initiatives

Wayne Fueling Systems, part of Dover Fueling Solutions, and a global provider of fuel dispensing, payment, automation, and control technologies for retail and commercial fuel stations, has launched initiatives to aid service station owners and operators in Hurricane Harvey-affected areas of Texas and Louisiana.

Efforts began on September 5th, when Wayne deployed staff to Houston, Texas, with genuine Wayne parts to assist in the service efforts of the local Wayne Authorized Service Organizations. The plan is to accelerate delivery of parts to those stations in need, without having to wait for commercial shipping and delivery services, which are severely back-logged because of the storm. Wayne staff members will remain in the Houston area for the foreseeable future and be on-call to deliver necessary parts and support where and when needed.

Wayne has also recently announced a “Texans Helping Texans” new dispenser replacement program to help those stations whose dispensers were damaged beyond repair by Hurricane Harvey. Wayne has guaranteed a two-week delivery along with special pricing and low financing options for this program.

“As a company headquartered in Texas, we feel a special responsibility to do as much as we can to assist in the Hurricane Harvey recovery efforts,” said David Crouse, President of DFS. “This storm has had a huge impact on our community, our partners and our customers. These initiatives aim to expedite the recovery of infrastructure in affected areas so citizens can regain a sense of normalcy as quickly as possible. Wayne Fueling Systems is committed to helping our Texas neighbors in need during this difficult time.”

Wayne is committed to aiding the Hurricane Harvey recovery effort as much as possible.


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