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Women Taking On Greater Role In Petroleum Industry

Over the past decade, the push to encourage girls to look into STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) programs has been huge. As a female in the science field, I had several STEM classes in college where I was one of the few women in the class.

That's why this article from PetroPlaza, discussing the increased role female professionals are taking in the petroleum industry, means so much.


Women continue to be change-makers and take on bigger roles in the oil and gas industry

Women continue to take on bigger roles in the oil and gas industry, with a new generation of female professionals seeking careers in scientific or technical roles, say industry leaders scheduled to take part in the ADIPEC Women in Energy conference, in Abu Dhabi, in November.

Held as part of the Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference (ADIPEC), more than 200 delegates are expected to attend Women in Energy, offering a full day of discussions on strategies aimed at promoting diversity and inclusion within the global oil and gas industry.

While female professionals are increasingly well-represented in business management, or administration roles, a growing number are also seeking opportunities in technical fields, according to ADIPEC.

“Women are dramatically under-represented in roles traditionally viewed as men’s work, such as science or engineering careers,” said Aida Araissi, Founder and CEO of the Bilateral US-Arab Chamber of Commerce.

The Women in Energy conference will include a full day of sessions aimed at highlighting the contribution women are making in the industry, and how industry leaders, both men and women, can join hands to build a diverse and inclusive workspace for future generations.

ADIPEC will be held at Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre from Monday 13 to Thursday 16 November 2017.


At Optima, we are lucky enough to have several amazing, intelligent women on our team, including our residential tank expert Shelley, our superheroes in the Admin department that keep us running smoothly, to Amber in the environmental department (that's me!). If you'd like to learn a bit more about us, check us out on our Meet The Team page.

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