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Tricky Tanks: That Tank Is WHERE?!

Usually a tank removal is normal and simple task; we show up, pop the tank out, fill up the hole and you and your home are protected from the risk of any undetected oil getting into the soil.

But sometimes, things aren't that straight forward. Sometimes we find tanks in the trickiest spots and it's up to us the get them out cleanly and simply.

Check out 3 examples of some crazy tanks we've pulled in the past!

1: A Creepy Crawlspace

Halloween may be over, but we still see this tank in our nightmares!

Access was a bit....cramped.

And this is what we found when we got in there! Can you see the tank?

If you found it, great job! If not, don't worry. It's tricky and that's why it made it onto our list!

2: A Tight Spot

Even though it was buried outside, the location of this tank made it one of the more technically tricky ones to date!

This tank really was between a rock and a hard place!

Like threading a needle; a very heavy, 500 gallon, steel...needle...

3: High Places

With a twisty, steep, narrow driveway and a 20 foot retaining wall, this one took a little out-of-the-box thinking and a really big crane!

Just goes to show, there is always a bigger machine to get the job done!

And there you have it! These were some of our trickiest tanks. But in spite of the unique challenges each one of these sites presented, Optima was still able to get the job done!

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